23 things i've learned in 23 years

1. Being too serious drags the fun out of life.
2. All the achievements in the world don’t mean a thing unless you are happy with and proud of yourself.
3. Nothing cures a bout of laziness like a warm shower, brushed teeth and clean clothes.
4. Going to sleep at 8:00pm is perfectly fine (even if your husband calls you a grandma).
5. After a stressful day, dog snuggles make everything better.
6. Birthdays are not as fun as they were when I was six years old.
7. Handwritten notes and homemade gifts always mean more than something bought in a store.
8. Using good grammar never upsets anyone. Sincerely, The Grammar Nazi
9. Reading a good book is never wasting time.
10. You can never vacation too much!
11. Three year old children are the best companions. They will always tell you like it is and frequently make you laugh until you wet yourself.
12. I should have learned to cook, clean, sew and perform all things domestic when I was still living with my mom.
13. All those bad dates I went on made me realize how lucky I am to have the guy who put a ring on it.
14. Always triple check that you’ve packed deodorant for any trip.
15. I was never meant to run. EVER.
16. There is no such thing as too many pictures.
17. Personal journals from middle school are hilarious!
18. My Heavenly Father loves me.
19. My parents were usually right.
20. Everyone should have some type of introduction to music in their lives. I don’t care if you are five or seventy three, music is instrumental (pun intended) to happiness!
21. Listening gets you farther than constantly talking.
22. Having only one or two really good friends is better than having dozens of acquaintances that don’t really know you.
23. My life is the best one for me and comparing it to others’ is pointless.


i want to ride my bicycle

rode for two miles today on the good old bike. evidently i need to ride a little more in order to not die within the first fifteen minutes :) the pups went with us and therefore scott invented a new extreme sport: riding a bike being towed by a hundred plus pound dog via leash. he held up remarkably well! i am just loving this summer weather and all the time i can spend in the great outdoors. have a great sunday evening!

my beautiful red bike


lazy summer

i wish! ever since the weather's been warm and school's been out, it has been nothing but rushing here and running there. here's a little recap...

my work put together a softball team so i've been throwing and batting my little arms off. it's pretty fun and we actually won one of our games last week! 

i've also been trying to set up a job for myself to get me through grad school relatively unscathed and stress free. easier said than done! i think i've killed three small trees in the amount of paperwork i've had to fill out between new job and school.

i put in my two weeks notice at university hospital and my last day will be next friday. it really was a pleasure working there and i learned a lot, but off to bigger and better things, right?

we took our first fishing trip this year over memorial day weekend with the nieces and nephews. no fish were caught but we caught enough mud on our shoes and worm guts on our fingers. nice!

i've also been trying to learn how to quilt. my mom is pretty much sick of me monopolizing her sewing machine, so the lovely ksl hooked me up with this antique beauty. i'm in love! i've finished my first pieced quilt top (pictures to come).

my oldest niece jorie graduated from skyview high school on thursday. she looked so beautiful and i wish i had a picture from that night but my phone was being dumb. congrats jorie!

well i think that's enough for today. hags!
"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain