good sabbath

today was such an amazing sunday for me. little bro gave his farewell talk today in sacrament meeting. that kid has grown up so much since receiving his mission call. he spoke about finding joy in the journey which was a really appropriate subject for him. he is always laughing and joking around! his talk had so much of him infused into it, applying his favorite movie quotes and principles that had been taught to him by people that impressed him such as my grandpa, grandma and seminary teachers. it was general conference good! except for his thanking moment at the end that resembled an oscar acceptance speech, but that's marc for you ;) i'm so impressed with his testimony of the gospel and know he will be a great missionary and touch the lives of many. it was kind of funny, but during his talk i could swear i heard christian's voice in his at times. he sounded like a real missionary. the combination of speakers and music today really helped me to feel the spirit strongly. it was so nice to be surrounded by family and friends and to feel of God's love today. i imagine that is a little bit of what heaven feels like.

the field is white, elder deyoung


cleaning day

sometimes i wish the cleaning fairy would show up for cleaning day. she totally exists right? here's to a day of laundry folding, bathroom scrubbing, dish washing and more! happy friday, everyone!

"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain