many people have asked me if i was going to cancel my cruise because of the carnival fiasco last week. here are my list of reasons why i still will be traveling via carnival:
1. i can't get my money back now even if i wanted to.
2. that fire was pretty much a freak accident and is very unlikely to happen again.
3. i wouldn't mind eating sandwiches and getting a free cruise if it did happen again.
4. i'm just too excited to back out now from my first international venture!

by the way, we cruise in:



marmaduke and scooby doo

after much debate and research, the bostwick fam has decided to add a special friend to the family. they love lounging anywhere they are allowed to. they are notorious "leaners". they can grow to be over six feet tall and weigh 160 pounds. they look intimidating but really just are big lovers. last clue of all, they have been eternally immortalized in children's cartoons. drumroll please... the newest addition is a great dane! we have been looking at a few puppies in the area. so far we haven't found the perfect match, but it'll come. i'm just glad we could finally agree on a breed!
"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain