a bit obsessed

so i started using pinterest one week ago. at first i was thinking "cool, but i have no idea what the point is." now i'm thinking "gaaaahhh, why have i been sucked into this pop culture phenomenon?!" i think i have spent 1/4 of my day looking at random pictures and crafts that i have no intention of completing anytime soon. but it's still cute. i did find one halloween decoration that i can complete in one day. here it is folks:

i've printed these lovelies off on semi-gloss paper and am going to make a trip to the DI for some frames that could use a little tlc. yay for semi-crafty me!


the last undergrad rant (hopefully)

i'm a little stressed right now so here is my blogging outlet. i have four major projects due by thanksgiving and i'm feeling the crunch... if i make it through this alive, the hubs may have promised to take me to disneyland (in a roundabout way, so we'll see). graduation in t minus 43 days!

on a bright note, i'm so excited this is on tonight. here's a snippet for your viewing pleasure:


day of doctors

having two "doctors" appointments today is interesting. for the record, i just want to say how much i love seeing two awesome nurse practitioners rather than doctors. hopefully someday when i have those two letters behind my name, my patients will share that same enthusiasm. thanks for all the great care you give, leanne and karen!


very merry unbirthday

so we celebrated scott's 26th birthday this weekend. i asked him what he wanted to do for his special day thinking i would hear about a party with some cake and friends and family. instead i heard "how about a work party?" at first i thought he meant to invite people he works with (which would be interesting...) but i soon found out that he wanted to have everyone come over to work on our sprinklers and landscaping and be rewarded with pizza, breadsticks and gatorade. lovely. so our family, being the awesome and selfless people they are, came over bright and early saturday morning to help us dig trenches, lay pipe, and make our yard look immaculate. we did have some birthday-ish things like cake and ice cream. nephews kept asking where the pinata was... apparently i missed the memo. all in all, it was a very successful day with lots of hard work. thank you all for your help and kindness! we hope to have laid sod by this saturday and we promise to have a yard party when it's complete to reward you better. scott told me last night that this was the best birthday ever. what an easy to please stud. love him and wish him an even better year than the last!

red velvet cake for the birthday boy
fire hazard ;)

i'm horrible about taking pictures, so you guys just get fun cartoons/pictures from google. i'll probably be better once some kiddos arrive in our house.
"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain