favorite item of the week

this week i am inseparable from my jean blanket. how i love curling up with you on the couch or sinking into your downy softness complete with fabric softener scent in my bed. i love you jean blanket.
 note: this is not my jean blanket. it is very hard to take a picture of myself and my blanket because i'm so comfy!


un paso más cerca...

so i got my passport in the mail today. one step closer to our vacación impresionante! i'm so excited to just be able to lay on a deck chair without worrying about online discussions or reading hundreds of pages from books i can't choose... viva la mexico!



today i feel inspired to thank all of my sweet friends i have. some of them might not even know how much i appreciate their kind words, hugs, and pushes in the right direction. so here we go:

1. my eternal friend, scott

this first year of marriage has been a whirlwind. but the one thing i was always grateful for was the stability that scott provides. it was never hard adjusting to him. he is always there with an encouraging word, challenging me to achieve things i never thought possible. he's my perfect fit, even though we are almost complete opposites.

2. my friend away from home, pam  

pam has been my constant friend since middle school. she's currently serving a mission in california. even though we don't communicate a lot right now, i know we'll be able to pick right back up where we left off. she was with me through each dramatic situation of my high school years, ready with a ben and jerry's half baked ice cream in one hand and a "girl movie" in the other. pam's a great listener and adviser so i know she's doing great serving the people of california.

3. my superwoman of a mom, susan

i never thought i'd see the day where my mom would be my friend. lo and behold, she has been my lifesaver since my marriage. always willing to let me come over and hang out when scott's out of town. she makes me hot meals every sunday and is just a phone call away when i'm having cooking dilemmas (these happen quite often). most of all i appreciate her support. even through the horrors of my teenage years, she always would say how proud of me she was. my mom is the most selfless woman i know.

4. my nursing buddy, amber

amber was with me through the toughest two years of my life: nursing school. it all started when we were placed in the same group for a project and the balls been rolling ever since. amber is always there when i need to vent about work or school and always has great advice. she is such a strong woman that inspires me to be better. i'm so glad that she's overcome so many obstacles in her life so that she knows exactly what i need to hear. she's currently pregnant and i'm having so much fun "taking care of her" when her husband's at work. so excited to be auntie meg!

5. my "sister" at work, meghann

meghann is my friend i miss the most at work! we used to work the same shift and she was constantly giving me laughs to keep me going in stressful situations. now she's a nurse and works the opposite shift as me, so when i see her at 5am i try to be as awake as possible to talk with her! she is so fun to be around and makes it easier to do the hard job we both have. apparently i need to get a picture of the two of us!

6. my empathy friend, janessa
i was so lucky to be assigned to janessa for visiting teaching in my ward. i was a pretty negligent visitor at first but once i got into the groove of things, we have so much fun! she is currently going through the nursing program at WSU so it's kind of fun to impart some of my tips to someone else. we have a lot in common and sometimes i end up staying for an hour at her house because we just get talking! i'm excited that i got to know her better and hope to learn even more new things about her.

i have a lot more great friends in my life but it would take an entire day to blog about all of you wonderful people! i appreciate everything about friends and know that they are put on this earth for a special reason: to make our lives easier and happier.


reading for pleasure? what's that?

i'm a little sad because now i can no longer read what i want to read. i read what the syllabus tells me to read. sad sad day. how come i can read hundreds of pages in a good book, but i can't even manage 20 pages in my physical assessment book? somehow the math doesn't compute. but hey on the fun side, at least goodreads.com lets me put my textbooks on my "currently reading" bookshelf.
"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain