queen cleo

look how big she is now. seven months old... the couch is her throne and she loves wreaking havoc! love you cleo bug.


f is for friday

so i think that lowe's should erect a statue in me and scott's honor. we made our third trip there this week today and i think the workers think we just can't make up our minds. which is true. so there should be our sculptor commissioned statue in the front and the workers should salute us as we travel down the aisles. there should also be a "scott & meg special" where we alone could rack up a bunch of frequent flyer miles-ish stuff. yep that's how it should go. happy friday everyone!


uncommon goods

actual typewriter key
for my ipod :)
cover is plantable and turns into wildflowers!
okay so there would be a guy and a girl on mine... it's personalized.
scratch map for the travels
next DIY project
phone cord!

stumbled across this awesome website today. love, love, love it. thought i'd share some of my favorites. enjoy...


post-finals syndrome

without fail, the week after finals i get sick. funny enough this year, the week after finals came and went without any ailments leading me to think that i was home free! i was even mentioning this to scott last week about how i had broken the cycle. i think mother nature heard me bragging... i have officially succumbed to the post post-finals sickness as of today. wonder if this will be a recurring thing even after the days of school are long gone... as for now, the couch, my blanket, netflix and powerade are my best friends :)


bedroom remodeling

we have been hard at work since last saturday trying to fix up our bedroom.  so far we've pulled up old baseboards, fixed cracks, made new shelving for the closet, hung new trim, and primed the woodwork. there's still so much left to do but hopefully it will be done fast! here are some pictures for updates. wish i had a before picture...

nasty linoleum we found

new shoe shelves. yay!

more shelving in closet
pretty new color


getting closer...

today i'm registering for my last semester of classes! whoopee! summer is within reach.

"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain