some random thoughts for this monday.

1. i need a vacation. anywhere.

2. scott's birthday is this weekend and i need to find an awesome red velvet cake recipe stat.

3. this school business is getting a little old and i dunno if i can make it through a graduate program. there is a small part of me that hopes i don't get accepted so i can have a break.

4. the baby hungry monster has returned. looks like we need another dog.

5. as of october 9, we will have been married for two years. what am i doing on my anniversary, you ask? attending a chemotherapy conference in salt lake the whole weekend. boo.

6. i have yet to get dressed today. yippee pajamas!

7. it is so BEA-utiful outside and it makes me want pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

8. if i have time for a craft, i'm constructing one of these beauties:

happy monday!



4 words. never-ending pasta bowl. i think that's 4, maybe 3. me and the hubs had a total pigfest at the olive garden tonight. we pretty much rolled each other out the door. i better stop this madness before people get the wrong idea :) let's just say i ate enough tonight to take me through tomorrow. good thing it's fast sunday!


top 3

today i:

1. discovered a new radio station that plays 80s all the time.

2. cleaned the whole house and dolled it up with good smells.

3. settled in with pizza and a movie with the hubs and the pups by my side.

i absolutely love days like today.

happy friday!
"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain