workout shenanigans!

don't know if i'm spelling that right, but...





much pain after a memorial day weekend!

wishing you all a smooth transition back into real life.


the end is near...

no, not the end of the world. it was pronounced by none other than the hubs himself that today would be the day that the bedroom would be finished. we shall see how that goes... i'm on painting duty today. "i gotta get me some better duties" (can't resist a nacho quote when i get the chance. heh heh.) and i guess if today really is the end of the world, at least i spent it with the person i love most.


tunes are back!

today i got my music back from over two years ago! they were stuck on my dead computer's hard-drive and listening to it all is bringing back so many awesome memories. happy transferring to i-tunes to me!


greatest wish...

is to go to disneyland before i have kids. putzin' around with scott on the rides and enjoying a tantrum-free vacation to the happiest place on earth sounds awesome. i however cannot convince scott to go. oh pooh.



just kidding, i didn't jazzercise. but i am turning a new leaf over when it comes to diet and exercise. i've never really watched what i ate or even exercised much for that matter. nowadays, the old metabolism is slowing down and i'm noticing a little bit. so i am officially keeping track of what i eat and trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies in my diet. i'm also attending fitness classes at weber state at least three times a week. i've been to a strength and tone class yesterday (which kicked my butt by the way) and pilates this morning. man do i feel rejuvenated and sore! love it. since i have a goal in sight i think i'll do much better this time around. maybe i'll reward myself every 5 lbs or so. it's up to you blog readers to keep me accountable!

did anyone else wake up as a child and be upset this was on instead of cartoons? i did.

"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain