m is for motivation

it's really hard to get motivated for an online class. somehow my pajamas, blanket and netflix seem more appealing today...

that's all folks.


new year, new stuff

hey all. back from my blogging hiatus and it was glorious! i have taken some time since i graduated to find out what it means to really relax and enjoy moments with family. here is a chronicle of our december in no particular order:

1. i used my lovely anniversary present to get a massage, facial and pedicure. that was heavenly and i think i might need more excuses to visit the spa!

2. we went to scott's work party where he won this little beauty... now our lives are filled with apps and angry birds.

3. i graduated!

4. we attended the annual deyoung christmas party and saw some cute reindeer sing, did a piano duet, ate yummy food and sat on santa's lap. (p.s. my sarah salad was successful unlike many of my kitchen attempts.)

5. we talked to this adorable boy via skype. he is healthy, happy and almost home!

6. we played with the bostwicks and took home a sweet prize from the auction... a babycakes maker. needless to say, we have an overabundance of mini cupcakes at our house.

7. i've completed two books in two weeks that had previously taken me over six months to get through the first 50 pages. it's wonderful the focus you can have when not in school!

8. i submitted my nurse practitioner application to the university of utah. it is officially out of my hands!

9. scott is heading up two different jobs for his company: one in lehi and another in pleasant view. go him! pleasant view days are my favorite because he's home at 5:30 every night :)

10. we have also made some new years resolutions for 2012 that may prove challenging (at least for me).
          - pay off the truck
          - remodel the bathroom
          - cut out soda completely
          - eat healthier and at home more often
          - by completing the above two mentioned, participating in a mountain
            bike relay this summer
          - make more time for each other

here's wishing you a belated merry christmas and a happy new year!
"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain