well i've fallen behind in the blogging spectrum. so here's my "get back up on that horse" moment. i've still been trying to work out with my buddy, steph. i just haven't been doing weight logs because my scale is broken [and no, i did not break it ;)]. but a patient at work yesterday that has become a frequent flyer told me that i looked like i had lost some weight. kind of creepy, yes. but a little reassuring at the same time.

life around the bostwick household has been pretty run of the mill. we're both working our tails off at all hours of the day. our cleo bug is having a bad case of spring fever and gets all kinds of excited when we venture outdoors. so if you see a giant black dog booking it right towards you, don't be afraid, she's just super excited for good weather! i've also noticed that she has a serious case of ferdinand the bull-itis. cleo loves just smelling the flowers and being in the garden with mom. i'll have to get a picture one of these days.

speaking of gardening, i'm sooooo glad that this weekend has rain in the forecast. i know you're all thinking, "what is this lady smoking?! rain on the weekend stinks!" normally i would agree with you, but my transplanted perennials are thanking the skies right now for such a lovely drink. my tulips opened over the last few nights, so here is a picture for your viewing pleasure (ignore the weeds please). have a happy thursday!

"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain