greek fever

so from my few exposures to the greek culture, if i'm born again can i be one? haha. today at work i took care of a greek gentleman that kept me on my toes. he was lovingly pushy but who can't love anything he says when it's accompanied by that awesome accent! their lives revolve around family and food. what's not to love? oh and this got me pumped to visit the greek food festival this september. if you haven't experienced it, you best be going...

have a great night and "put some windex on it!"


back in the saddle again.

back from our trip at the beach. for the record, if ever given a chance to move to seaside, oregon, i would snatch it up! this vacation was much needed for the great r&r opportunity. now we're home and trying to get back into a routine of some sort. i'm glad to have my little (well big really) cleo back. i swear every dog i saw on the trip tried to comfort me because i missed her so much. haha. scott went back to work today and i have a gigantic mound of laundry to do at some point. school starts next week so i guess if no routine starts this week, i'll for sure have one by then! oh and i have to check off my last summer to-do: lagoon!



today is a day of favorites. hair cut and color. cousin and good friend are getting married. leaving for a week long vacation. purely awesome. more updates on the trip later. i'll be relaxing in a beach house just a ways from seattle in the puget sound district. fresh seafood, cool temps, ferry rides, biking with the hubs, and having brunch at the space needle. so excited!

see you all in a week...
"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain