guilty pleasure

it's january again and i must admit, i've turned into a reality tv monster yet again. no, not all reality tv. just one show. i am a bachelor fiend. since scott and i don't have tv, i catch up on episodes via the internet. to be frank, not a whole lot gets done on "bachelor days".

this season i am appalled by michelle money, the contestant from utah. because she acts so crazy and says the most rude things, she is giving every viewer out there the impression that "utahns are crazy". for those of you that watch the bachelor, i personally think she gave herself that black eye. 

 on a brighter side, i am completely girl smitten over shawntel, the quirky funeral director. she is naturally pretty and seems to be the smartest girl i have ever seen on the show to date. i hope she wins. okay, i think that's enough for today but if anyone else watches the bachelor, give me a shout out!


winter blues

so this morning with all this snow outside my window, i got a little twinge of the winter blues. i'm not an exceptional skier or snowboarder like scooter and i really don't think snowball fights or sledding is very much fun. i'm very much a warm blooded person. i am the hoodie queen. hot chocolate and herb teas are my favorite beverages. if i don't have a blanket and cozy socks on my feet, it is a cold day you know where. so since i am at the disadvantage of having no vitamin d, i made myself some vitamin c. orange julius, you have cured me for today. thank you, thank you.

"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain