it's been too long

it's about time we posted something new! well, we got married (yippee!), struggled with our share of loan quandries, became mac lovers, closed on our house, cleaned until our arms hurt and then some, and moved our stuff inside. whew. we're so excited to be in our home! scooter is working on hooking up our washer, dryer, and stove (it's all gas powered). i'm working on finding places for everything. we both decorated for christmas too! so fun. stop by and see us and our house baby sometime.


the countdown

hi all. so there's only about two weeks left until the big day! we're still looking to buy a house and hope to close in time to get the nice refund from the government. so if anyone sees anything, please let us know :)


chipmunk cheeks

yesterday i got my wisdom teeth out. luckily there were only two on the top, but none would have been better. my daily schedule has been as follows:

1. wake up and take an array of medication
2. hurry and slurp down some kind of liquid because i forgot to before taking the meds
3. get really drowsy and or loopy
4. crash in bed and wake 4 hours later to do it all again

as you can see, it gets old. good thing scooter came down last night and made things all better. sorry for falling asleep on you, sweets. you are still the best.

oh. and i think i found my own personal weirdness associated with taking lortab. normal noises like my phone, the kitchen timer, and the clock on the wall are higher pitched. and sometimes it feels like i'm having a conversation with someone, but it was all in my head. quite puzzling.


the sparkly wonder

hi all. meggie's ring made a surprise appearance for our engagement pictures. so stinking excited :) so here's what we've been waiting for anxiously for six weeks. thanks scooter love. you're the best!


third white dress

finally the post everyone has been waiting for. drum roll please.... meggie chose her wedding dress! it's very gorgeous and i'm so happy! however, it was nothing like what i originally thought i wanted. my dress was going to be slim, not poofy, 3/4 sleeved, not short, and absolutely no tucks. isn't this a beautiful contradiction? i'm so excited to wear this in a few months :)

we also put the down-payment on the reception venue at the ogden union station today. it's gonna be amazingly awesome.


girls in white dresses

actually the bridesmaids' dresses are black. hah. meggie and mom went and ordered them a few days ago. they will be just stunning! pair meggie's idea with mom's incredible sewing talent and you get some pretty spiced up and colorful additions. We're adding colored sashes in the wedding colors (burnt orange and dark red) and i might get creative and string some pretty jewelry. so exciting!


so in order to get exactly what we want (and to save some money), i've decided to make my own invitations. it actually hasn't been bad so far. i painted the mum design on my canvas and will just somehow scan it into a publishing program to print on cool paper with words. no big deal, right? wish me luck!

painting on canvas (don't mess up, meggie)

the finished product (yay.)


the engagement

we are officially engaged. yippee! scooter had always wanted to propose on a mountain top. so to snowbasin we went. however, due to the gondola being closed, he settled on a closer venue behind weber state. it was so gorgeous watching the sun go down over weber county and then spying something sparkly on the ledge of the rock we were sitting on. what a sneaky boy. so that's how meggie got a rock on a rock on friday, july 10.

"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain