sugar momma

last tuesday, i took my state boards for my rn license. got out of the test feeling a little nervous. i appreciated all the support from my family and friends convincing me that i had done fine and i didn't have anything to worry about. i checked the licensing website pretty much every hour only to find that nothing new had been posted. so wednesday night, me and scooter were putzing around on netflix when i got a text message from the awesome meghann. she told me to check the license website again. lo and behold, there is my name with two awesome letters behind it... rn. so i am now able to push iv medications and take short stay procedures at work without having another person do it for me! it is such great news :) scooter is so supportive and way excited to be having a real live sugar momma. hee hee.

here's the link to see the good news:
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-mark twain