week 2

did pretty good this week with exercise, however a vacation to st. george this weekend might put a wrench in things ;)

week 2 (3/20) - 151 lbs


annual health kick

well folks, it's that time of year again. the time of year where i feel like something needs to be done about this body of mine. yes, the annual health kick 2012 version. i have procured an exercise buddy who is an excellent motivator yet understanding. thanks to steph for pushing me past my comfort zone and not laughing at my awkward dance moves! i'm getting back into the habit of cutting soda and treats but if any of you see me around with a coke and licorice nibs feel free to tell my husband on me. i have a coworker that keeps me honest about the no soda rule so that helps a lot when there is a coke machine a few feet away from the nurse's station. i think with everyone's help i might actually get to where i need to be regarding my health. so everyone pray that either coke and twizzlers go out of business or that i will have enough gumption to control myself!

i will be recording my weekly weights to keep myself accountable. if it's tmi, oh well don't read the blog :)

week 1 (3/13) - 154 lbs


make him infamous

i have come across some new knowledge over the past few months that i am ashamed that i knew nothing about before. it has nothing to do with math, reading or science. it is about the crimes of humanity committed against children in africa. for book group last month we read "a long way gone". it is a memoir of a young boy named ishmael that was turned into a child soldier by a government that had no right to do any such thing. ishmael's life story is horrifying and begs the reader to wonder in disbelief "how did i not know such things were happening in the world at this moment?" today i watched a social experiment video made by a man that has helped influence the education of the world on the subject of these "invisible children". i had never heard of joseph kony before. i could probably guess that most people haven't either. after watching this film, i too want to do something. i will be using my voice for these children. will you be a voice for peace? will you make kony famous or more importantly infamous? i hope we all will.

"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain