first quilt ever

i figured that since this is my blog, i can brag about whatever i want. here's the first quilt i've ever made and  i did it in 4 days! i'm officially addicted...

photo: angelika dannenbaum


change of plans

it's funny how in life you make decisions and feel so firm in them. then the rug gets pulled up from underneath you! after talking with some coworkers that have gone through similar experiences I have, I've decided that maybe pa school may not be the only option for me. i had been planning on continuing my education since the beginning of this year. i just didn't know what avenue to take. nurse practitioners are now required to achieve a doctorate level degree which i thought was a little much for me. however, after talking with these amazing women i work with, i'm convinced that np school might be better suited for me. i will apply for both programs but secretly hope that the np program wants me more :) for those of you still with me, thanks for listening to my ramblings. sometimes putting things into words provides more clarity and understanding. i also appreciate those people who have encouraged me to go for my dreams. your words of advice and confidence have helped in so many ways. to my wonderful hubs, scott for his love, patience, and support. couldn't do any of this without you.


news tidbits

i'm now on the float pool at ogden regional. after much deliberation from the higher ups, i finally made it. i'll now be hopping from unit to unit and being exposed to all kinds of crazy things. hopefully i'll be able to keep up with the fast pace of learning and just have a dang good time!

other good news. got a second job at the university hospital. it's a ways of a commute, but the compensation just can't be beat. i'll be floating there too from the patient floors to the clinics and the huntsman cancer institute. soooo excited!

lastly, i've been throwing around several big decisions lately about where me and scott's lives are going. after a lot of thinking, i've decided to apply to pa school at the university of utah. it's a full-time, year-round program for two and a half years. sounds pretty rigorous, but i know that if i don't continue my education i'll be kicking myself later. i'll find out this winter if i made it in. i could use lots of good vibes my way if you please...

now that the bombshell news tidbits have been dropped, enjoy the rest of your tuesday!



oh man, my blogging skills have seriously been lacking lately. so without further ado, the infamous update!

1. we celebrated my 22nd birthday on june 21. yes my birthday is the coolest and longest day of the year. summer solstice! unfortunately i spent it at the doctor's office after a work injury the day before. scott made up for it by making me cheesecake (from scratch, people) and taking me and the fam to taggarts. yum :)

2. we took the boat for the first time this year. the lake of choice is in glendale, just north of preston. we managed to fit the whole gang on the boat at the same time! that's 6 adults, 5 kids and a dog just so you can visualize. cleo even got in the water... for 3 seconds.

3. we finished our master bedroom. i would post a picture but it's pretty messy right now. maybe later the cleaning fairy will come. it's so nice to have at least one room completely finished so there is a sanctuary from shag carpet and 70s wallpaper.

4. my garden is in full bloom and i'm loving it! so many butterflies and purty colors... can't wait until all the shrubs are mature.

5. the fourth of july was pretty relaxing (due to the fact that i had worked the last three days straight). we had a blast at my aunt's house swimming in sojo. thanks bakers! later that night we headed to the usu extension garden to watch the hot rockin' 4th fireworks. this was the coolest fourth of july ever because utah legalized aerial fireworks! so awesome to drive at night and see them all going off.

"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain