look at me mom!

today is a day of celebration. the pup is officially potty trained. i no longer need to be ready with ammonia, scrubber, and air freshener packed in my utility belt. oh happy day!



on the way home from our trip, we decided to add a new baby girl to the family! don't worry, it's just a dog, mom :) after much deliberation on names, we decided to go with cleopatra, cleo for short. we've only had her for a few days but it already looks like she's grown so much! she is a great dane and will probably be pretty big like her dad. she is such a sweetheart and has fit so well into our lives. currently we are potty and crate training. many sleepless nights have occurred, but it will all be worth it in the end.

first night with mom
definitely a sleeper


christmas trimmings

christmas time is here and our house looks a little bit more cheery thanks to a little decoration. i thought i would share them with all of you.

this is our "kid" christmas tree. from the year i was born, my parents collected one ornament each year until i got married. everything from musical elves to mickey mouse graces this tree.
my favorite part of our house... the fireplace
china hutch all dressed up
santa in all his finery
fireplace mantle

all the way from oregon... the fresh evergreen wreath. every time i open my door, i get a whiff of christmas.
the big tree

i love my ornaments

well there you have it folks. don't mind my 1970's drapes, wallpaper, and carpet :)

merry christmas!


sweet is the day

today was the last day of my fall semester classes. happy day! almost a month off to prepare for 15 credit hours next semester. i'm treating myself to a little love in a cup.
"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain