i survived...

so i made it through this weekend. three 12 hour shifts in a row with an 11-page paper and a written exam right after the work marathon. the hubs was prepared with mountain dew and plenty of encouragement. what a great guy. and i'm pretty proud of myself too. today maybe i'll clean my house...


applications and interviews... oh my!

for the past few months, the hubs and i have been experiencing some job dissatisfaction. his boss works him to the bone with no potential of promotion and construction sites sound like one up from that special place where liars go. so that's his dilemma. mine is really not as bad (but i make a bigger deal about it). i've been in the same area of the hospital since i started there in 2008. i love the people i work with, but the types of patients i see are really starting to not be my thing. i've taken so many education credits to make myself more valuable to the more critical care areas, but with no success. so that leaves me searching for other options. needless to say, the both of us have been updating resumes and shuffling application papers around. today scott got a call from one of these jobs for an interview and i'm so excited for him! i had a little bit of luck myself and got called for an interview for an education position at the local technology college. it went pretty well and sounds like pretty slick gig. so send your internet luck vibes towards us and keep your fingers crossed!


eat your fruits & veggies

as of today, i am a new participant of bountiful baskets. i never had participated before because i thought we never could go through that much produce. luckily, i get to split the goods with my mom. today we scored a pineapple, yummy honey mangoes, fresh green beans, turnips, spinach, and much more! now i just have to figure out what to do with it all. I'm thinking some mango salsa is in order, as well as turnip fries and spinach manicotti (not in the same meal of course). anyone else have any suggestions for this stuff?

"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain