doggie dilemma

we are officially dog hungry again. i think it's been there all along but comes and goes in spurts. yesterday i couldn't help but think how perfect it would be to be sitting on the couch with husband and little puppy. only problem is... we can't agree on a breed! everything i pick is too sissy for scott and everything he picks would definitely squoosh me on the couch. any thoughts from the readers?

here is a list of the current contenders:

i could live with this one but it is definitely scott's pick. mix between a lab and bloodhound. apparently they have large paws and long ears.

english springer spaniel
this dog is my pick and brings back memories of my childhood dog, jake. he would definitely get me out exercising more.

st. bernard   

i'll let you guess who's pick this is :) sure they are cute and loveable. scott describes them to me as big lover dogs who think they're little. that concerns me a bit...

english bulldog

some of you may remember when i wanted the french counterpart of this dog. well scott met the frenchie and from the video he sent me, it was crazy! this breed is supposedly more mellow. and aren't the wrinkles so cute?

well those are the dogs we've picked but we are definitely open to others. help!


one year ago

it seems like just yesterday that we walked out of the logan, utah temple as husband and wife. i remember being so ethereally happy as he opened the door for me while holding my train, took my hand, and guided me down the walkway. despite the handshakes, hugs, cameras flashing, and directions from the photographer, i really only saw my new husband and how much love i felt for that man. this love has only grown, which i never thought possible after that day. he has seen me through good times and bad, taken care of me through sick days, and works so diligently to provide for our needs. how lucky am i to have gotten a ten cow man. happy first anniversary, my dear best friend.


"quarter of a century man"

scott's favorite cookie cake

happy 25th birthday to scott! the day's festivities began with his favorite breakfast of french toast, scrambled eggs, and sausage. yum! we fit in a little yard work too, taking four trips to the green waste and two trips to valley nursery to pick up our plants and flowers for our landscape renovation. he was so great helping me pick up such cool shrubs and trees. made the cake myself with only a few mishaps :) and to end the night, we had family over for cake and ice cream. the spoils for the evening included: new motocross boots and a set of camping chairs. i'm so glad we're together and hope he had a fun day!
his "surprised" face
new camp chairs

singing happy birthday and not looking at the camera
making a wish
"...the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug..."
-mark twain